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I am a volunteer from xx school, can the wro competitions in 2015 as a project manager position is a great pleasure.Volunteering some say tired, but I don't think so, because, you don't let the service as a task, you should treat it as a fun is to do it.In the volunteer service, we not only have to answer for the audience, but also with the positions of public security personnel to coordinate work, so this needs to be a lot of things, can learn a lot of sense.Our vocational college is responsible for the east side of in and out of the

Volunteer Scene

Volunteer Scene

audience, most audience a lot, so many people ask questions, most of the people are very kind, but there are some outrageous gadites, these are inevitable, whenever I hear the sound the viewers' thank you, my heart is very happy, because I solved the in the mind of doubt, the audience can watch the game;Whenever I hear the sound the viewers' thank you, those outrageous behavior disappeared, is far away from me;Whenever I hear the sound the viewers' thank you, I am no longer tired tired legs, and his confidence is stronger.

Volunteer Experience

Volunteer this for more than a year, I always feel very happy for can have a lot of brothers and sisters.Because I've always thought now that can be a volunteer should be see through, in a lot of utility to do this, in the eyes of others think it is a fool to do.So in my eyes there is no difference between the high and low between people.Volunteer management is a science.In fact, the reality is not as simple and imagination.Don't know whether I should say, lin2 zi3 da4 what bird all have actually, the so-called volunteers have mostly coincided with a crowd, some even come with a variety of purposes.But I always think whether it is with what purpose to join in.As long as do is helpful to voluntary service, can help to people in need of help, not have influence on volunteer work direction, we should learn to tolerate."Send person rose, the hand leaves lingering fragrance."It grew up with my words, until now, still deeply engraved on my heart.This is the spirit of the volunteers, never pay for nothing.To participate in volunteer activities is undoubtedly helpful for a middle school student.We will encounter various problems in participating in volunteer activities, we can advance in the face of society, the most important thing is that we can transfer the Chinese nation for thousands of years in the volunteer activities the spirit of "good deed".Although each time to participate in the activities we are energetic, not continuously pay, tired to end, but think of heart is enough.